Yorùbá: Èniyàn boni lara ju asọ lọ.

English:  People cover one more than cloth.

Usage:   This is to express the benefit derivable from human



The Yoruba believe that there is much to gain in togetherness or communal living.  No man is an island, and everyone needs the other person to succeed in life.  Therefore, it is important to develop good relationship with one another.  In corporate life, this implies teamwork.  Through teamwork, everyone in the organisation achieves more. Productivity will increase as each person leverages on his/her comparative advantage.  Effective team is a function of the wellness of each member, and the quality of the leadership of the organisation.


This proverb also underscores the value of the human capital as an indispensable factor in the organisation.  The quality of the workforce will reflect on the service or the product of the organization.  Hence, the proverb, ‘People cover one more than cloth’. (Èniyàn boni lara ju asọ lọ’).