Yorùbá:  Èniyàn kì í yà’gbẹ si ibi ti yó ó sùn.

English:  One does not defeacate where one will sleep.

Usage:   This proverb is used as a warning against unhealthy behavior towards one’s associates, households, or business.  This is because one will eventually come back to request the support of that person or organization sooner or later.

Some people have negative dispositions towards others or place of work generally.  They exhibit this tendency both at home and at work indiscriminately.

In business, such behavior becomes a cankerworm that spreads to others, and affects productivity, teamwork, and threatens the corporate health unless it is checked.

As one of the measures to contain this virus, the culprit is warned to desist from the unwholesome behavior because, ‘One does not defeacate where one will sleep’ (that is, Èniyàn kì í yà’gbẹ si ibi ti yó ó sùn).

The importance of teamwork, commitment, productivity, and employee satisfaction is underscored by this proverb.  A healthy organization will boast of a satisfied workforce, who will give their best for the wellbeing of the organization.