Yoruba Proverb

Yorùbá:  Ẹgbẹ ẹyẹ l’ẹyẹ nwọ tọ.

English: Birds of the same feathers flock together.

Usage:  To express the fact that people of like minds are comfortable being among themselves.

Issues that relate to co-operation, teamwork, and teamspirit dominate discussions on the success of an organization.

Since the company’s product or service delivery requires the contributions of each worker or each department, it is important for each member in the organisation to work cooperatively.  Failure to do this will affect the whole.

In this respect, a healthy organization ensures that each member of the team meets the minimum standard required to be able to contribute meaningfully to the group.  The minimum standard is in terms of educational background, skill, experiences, and entry behavior.  This becomes necessary so that the organization can achieve high level of customer satisfaction through its target production or service delivery.   It implies that each group will be formed based on specific task to be performed by the members of the team who have relevant contributions for the performance of the task at hand.

Such grouping already takes care of the wellness of each team member, which guarantees the wholesomeness of the group.  This will translate into high productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability,

In the process of grouping, the proverb is then applied saying, “Ẹgbẹ ẹyẹ l’ẹyẹ nwọ tọ”, that is, Birds of the same feather, flock together.