A healthy mind in a healthy body is a well-known cliché.  However, to be hale and hearty requires conscious efforts.  Like a house, you need to maintain your body properly so it can serve you well.  One of the things you can do is to watch your eating habit.  Certain foods are harmful to your health; they should be avoided or consume minimally.  Some of them are discussed below.

  1. Sugar. Regular sugar consumption is dangerous to the body because it feeds cancer cells.  This results in most of the world’s common diseases like obesity, heart disease and tooth decay among others.  You can use natural sweeteners like honey or rice syrup in place of sugar.
  1. Carbohydrates. Another food that should be taken less is carbohydrates.  Most of our diet contains carbohydrates, which results in glucose (sugar).  Taking too much carbohydrate with sugar on regular basis increases the amount of sugar in your body.  This is unhealthful.
  1. Red Meat. Red meat is another food that should be consumed less, because it contains saturated fats which clog arteries.  This increases the chances of heart-related diseases.
  1. Saturated Fats. Too much of saturated fats is not good for your unhealthy. Other things that contain saturated fat which should be reduced or removed from your diet are whole milk diary products like cheese, sour cream, and ice cream.  Alternatively, you can use soy milk and skimmed milk.
  1. Vegetable Oil. Much of the vegetable oil in the market constitutes high    Therefore, you should check vegetable oil properly to identify the ones that have low cholesterol content.

Similarly, foods with fat and oil content such as butter, magarine, mayonnaise and others should be minimized.  Kindly note also that oven-baked foods are much better than fry foods, because of the excess oil and fat that accumulate as a result.

  1. Fast Foods. Canned and processed foods contain a lot of preservatives.  They are heavily spiced and their preparation involves a lot of processing, which are not good for your body. As much as possible eliminate them from your diet.
  1. Salt. Salt is an important mineral to the human body, however, excess intake can cause fluid retention and breast tenderness in women.  It can also increase the risk of hypertension. Therefore, do not indulge yourself with it. Another caution is that it must be added while the food is being cooked to ensure proper dissolution.
  1. Heavy meals. Do not eat heavy meals late in the night because they over-labor the digestive tracts, and proper digestion will not take place.  The undigested food materials transform into body fats.  This contributes to obesity and bloated stomachs.
  1. Exercise Regularly. Regular and simple workouts should be taken seriously because they help the heart to function well, burn excess calories from the body, and enhance your wholesomeness.

Finally, plan and prepare balanced diet meals, and ensure that you take enough of what is essential for your well-being.  You can share your experience with us on any of the above.


The contents of the BHS Site are for informational purposes only. Always seek the support of your physician or other professional with any questions you may have regarding a health issue.