In the first part of this presentation, we noted that professionalism is one of the marks of a healthy business, because of the benefits derivable. In this second part, we shall look at eight essential characteristics of an expert.

                                    8 CHARACTERISTICS OF A PROFESSIONAL

  1. Competence. A specialist is someone well-qualified in the chosen field, and he’s on top of his work. So, he remains current with developments in his field through participation in skill seminars, workshops, and continuing education courses.
  1. Poise. He appears neat and corporate in line with the dress code of the organisation.  He radiates an air of confidence, and respect either when meeting clients, colleagues, superiors; or when representing the company in outside engagement.  He remains undisturbed under tense situations.
  1. Experienced. He is trained, adept, and can be trusted to get things done because of his training and experience.  He is dependable, and responds to requests promptly.  He takes proactive steps to get things done, and stays on track until the job is completed.
  1. Ethical.  Every profession has its code of conduct.  For instance, human resource practitioner, training experts, engineers, secretaries, journalists,  teachers or lawyers.  They adhere strictly to their work ethic, and will not compromise no matter the circumstances.    Therefore, a professional performs his duties with high ethical standards, and displays excellence in the efforts to advance the business.
  1. Organising skills. The work area of a professional is neat and organised.  The email and other correspondence are brief, and direct to the point.  The tone is polite and formal.
  1. Communication. A professional takes effective communication seriously.  He keeps his supervisor informed about his work; and maintains open communicate with teammates on regular basis.  This is to ensure that everybody is focused toward the same goal.  He takes responsibility for his mistakes, and tries to find solutions rather than shift blames on others.
  2. Honesty. Honesty is the best policy remains one of the common cliché. It is the hallmark of a specialist.  His word is his bond, and he can be taken for his words on any issue.  His honesty is known to all both within and outside the organisation.  He can be relied upon by colleagues and customers to deliver on his promise, and can be trusted on financial and non-financial matters.
  3. Respect and Courtesy.  A specialist is also known to be well-behaved, and polite towards others.  He considers others in all his relationship, and have a high regard not only for superiors and colleagues, but also for subordinates.  His civility, and genteelness in character earn him respect from others. Afterall, respect is reciprocal.  He displays listening skills during conversation with others and holds people in high esteem.              The above characteristics are by no means exhaustive.  Do feel free to share your business experience with us in this respect.