‘Health is wealth’, is a common saying.  Many have used their wellness to buy wealth, and then pay all they have earned to get back their health.  However, you can enjoy healthiness by cultivating these ten habits:

  1. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important morning meal of the day because it will give you the energy required for the day, and a radiant morning look.
Therefore, treat yourself to rich nutritional breakfast foods like eggs; and bread, cereal or oatmeal; with fruits like banana, kiwi, oranges, grapefruits, apples or strawberries.

2. Take Plenty Water

Water is the main body component so, adequate and regular in-take is healthful and will keep your body well hydrated, and function properly. Therefore, drink water to your thirst, and also include other foods with high water in your diet.Drink water.1jpg

  1. Sleep Well

For a robust health, you need a good night’s sleep.  This will enhance your concentration and help you make better informed decisions, look more attractive, and increase your capacity to live longer.  Besides, researchers have found that couples who sleep well for seven or eight hours a night do have better sex.sleep well


  1. Learn New Thing

Sometimes, it could be challenging but, for health purposes, it is better to engage your brain with something new and you will discover surprisingly, some of your untapped potentials.  This include the capacity to form, and learn from, new friends.

learn new thing.6jpg

Places like the gymn, athletic games, football field, language classes, book club, or online offer such opportunities to learn new things.

  1. Train Your Muscles

Super healthy people train their muscles to gain more strength and endurance to work harder and longer everyday.  Therefore, you should form this habit to improve your quality of life.

Train muscles

  1. Relax Outside

Experts believe that it is healthier to spend most time outdoors because levels of many pollutants concentrate indoors than outdoors.

Therefore, get more fresh air, think up a brilliant idea quickly, and get Vitamin D to fight infections by spending more time outdoors, especially in sun exposure.Relax outdoor

7. Maintain Balanced Lifestyle

You should learn to control your body better whatever your age. The agility and strength that comes with it will make it easier for you to move quickly and prevent unnecessary injuries and accidents.  Balance discs, balance balls, and balance pods are some training aids that can improve your stability.

Besides, you need to strike a balanced life style.  This means that you should make efforts to be effective in all areas of your life – spiritually, professionally, socially, and maritally.  This will bring meaning and add value to your life.

  1. Meditate and Pray Regularly

A habit of regular prayer and meditation have its health benefits.  These include stress reduction, better control over thoughts, and better concentration.   Therefore, find a quiet place in your home to meditate and pray at for 10-15 minutes. By so doing you’re also welcoming happiness into your life.


  1. Avoid Smoking

Not-smoking will improve your health in terms of giving you more energy, breathing more easily, and giving you younger-looking skin.  Besides, it will also protect the health of your non-smoking relations, and enhance the capacity to live longer.  For couples, experts say that not-smoking will also lead to better sex and improved fertility.Non smoking.1jpg


  1.  Do Exercise

Healthiness also comes from good recreational activities that relax the body and mind.  Look for a game that will help you unwind and refresh.  Doing this will reduce time and money spent in seeing doctors and buying drugs to aid good body functioning.

Regular exercises, even as simple as walking thirty minutes a day thrice a week, can give you a mental and physical fitness that will enhance your healthy and long life.Exercises.3jpg