Language Translation

Language Translation

We offer quality multilanguage translation services.  Our team consists of highly skilled experts who have been working in the language service industry for many years.  For them, translation is fun.   They have the capacity to translate an average of 4,000 to 6,000 words in a day.

We are passionate about helping our clients to communicate their message effectively wherever they do business.  Our translation services cover various areas including, but not limited to the following:

  • Translation of Legal documents

Our specialist legal translators work for a wide range of legal and associated professions. Several organisations, businesses and individuals have benefited from our services.  These include the courts, solicitors, police stations, prisons, and accountants.

Translation of Financial documents

Our team of  financial translators handle accounts, business plans, brochures, annual reports and other financial documentation.  This consists of individuals who have in-depth knowledge of specific niches within the finance sector. Typical financial documents include financial statements, shareholders’ agreements, corporate minutes, investment proposals, underwriting agreements, contracts, prospectuses, insurance policies and claims, fund factsheets, and more.

  • Translation of Medical documents

Good medical translation services can make the difference between life and death. BHS medical translators have extensive experience, and are familiar with the subject matter.  Medical documents that need translation include:

    • Case Report forms
    • Clinical Trials
    • Drug Registration documents
    • Informed Consent forms
    • Packaging and Labeling
    • Operation Manual
    • Patients Information
    • User Manuals, and more.
  • Books translation

BHS offers document, book and editorial translation services across Africa, China, Europe, the UK,  USA, and more.  We have professional and experienced human translators   to translate your book so that you can:

    • generate more sales
    • benefit from less competition, as well as
    • convey your ideas better and widely
  • Translation and transcreation of advertising, PR and marketing material

BHS works with marketing and advertising companies to provide other language versions of adverts, strap lines/end lines, tag lines, concepts, posters, brochures, slogans, online content, tv scripts and radio scripts.  We deliver the message to the target language and culture.

  • Technical documents translation

At BHS, we are able to translate texts that relate to practical application of scientific and technological information.  Of course, our translators have a high level of subject knowledge and mastery of relevant terminologies and writing conventions to handle such tasks.

Technical documents that BHS have translated so far include:

    • Product literature
    • User guides
    • Service manuals
    • Maintenance manuals
    • Catalogues
    • E-learning materials
    • Labels
    • Marketing materials
    • Operating manuals
    • Training manuals
    • Technical proposals

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