Language Validation

Language Validation

BHS provides language validation services.

In brief, linguistic validation is the process by which a patient questionnaire is translated and tested. The process is two-way, beginning with two translators simultaneously translating the source text.

The two translations are then reconciled into a single version in the target language. That version is then back-translated by another translator into the original language to evaluate the quality of the reconciled translation in comparison with the source document.

The second stage is cognitive debriefing. This is one-on-one interview where the draft translation of the questionnaire is tested with samples of the speakers of the target language. The interview is to ensure that individuals from the target audience understand the translated instructions the same way the original text is understood.

Foremost clinical research organisations rely on BHS and our guarantee of quality. Typical documents that we translate include:

  • Recruitment, survey and reported outcome forms for patients.
  • Clinical trial protocols (including consent forms for participants).
  • Report documentation (pharmacology, toxicology, adverse events, case reports).
  • Translation of research texts and journals for scientific publication/use for peer review.
  • User manuals and marketing materials.

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